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Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals Interactive Edition

The Nutrition Ambition Interactive Edition is a complete Web-based Nutrition & Wellness experience for Children/Students ages 7 - 13. It operates entirely in a Browser and utilizes Flash, Shockwave, and Adobe .PDF technologies. It has been tested on the browsers listed below and on several interactive Smartboards including:

  • Mimo
  • Epson BrightLink 450wi
  • Smart Technologies White Boards
  • Promethian Activiboard

It shold also run on any tablet that supports Flash and has also been tested on the:

  • Motorola XOOM
  • Blackberry Playbook

Deployment Options include:

  • Standalone local PC deployment
  • Local in-School Web-server deployment
  • Internet hosted Web-server deployment

Note: When running from a web-server or Internet hosted web-server the 1st time the application is launched it may take upwards of 45 seconds to display depending upon network and platform speed. After that the application is 'cached' on the local device and startup times should be in the seconds.

Technical Requirements:


Microsoft IE 7.0 or greater with the Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player 'plug-ins' enabled

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or greater with the Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player 'plug-ins' enabled. Additionally, you will need to install the 'OpenDownload' add-on.

Plug-ins can be obtained by following the following links:





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