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Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and Parental Involvement
Solutions for Today's Children

Books 1, 2, & 3

Nutrition & Wellness Instructional Materials and Activities for children ages
7 through 13

Finding The Balance

Developed by
Duke University's
Center for Wellness

A nutritional simulation CD that teaches children the realtionship between the foods they eat daily and the amount of exercise required to 'burn off' the calories associated with that food.



The Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals Interactive Edition (Grades 1 - 7) is a browser-based deployment that provides all the information contained in activity workbooks 1, 2, and 3 (including Finding the Balance); but renders them digitally for deployment on local web servers, on 'Interactive Smart Boards' and as a Internet-based 'Cloud' offering.

Baux Publishing products and services represent and new and innovative approach to educate children about the benefits of a 'Healthy Lifestyle' as we target the ever increasing childhood obesity epidemic.

Our curriculums are proven, researched based, and designed specifically for classroom and/or home use. All activities were designed to be fun, engaging, non-punitive, cross-curricular, and Core Academic Standards aligned. The workbook formats and gaming simulations were carefully developed to 'tap into' and align with the multi-modal learning modalities of todays interactive children.

The Parental Involvement (Parent Connectiontm) component of every chapter/unit was specifically designed to support and align with proven research that shows when schools, parents, and communities take active participation and work together to support learning - children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more!

This is a unique Parental involvement program because in addition to parental involvement compliance it provides a Nutrition and Wellness curriculum with cross curricular activities.

This program can help with the monitoring for Title One parental involvement programs (Nationally this is the number one part of audits where districts get written up)

Behavior at home needs to change in order for the children's eating and health habits to change. Therefore, a parental involvement program concentrating on bringing in nutrition and wellness information is a natural combination. Language Arts, Math and Science skills are included to meet the Title One requirements.

It is available in both a web-based, print or a combination of each. It is also available in Spanish for Migrant children and their parents.

Baux Publishing products represent a new and innovative approach for content delivery and learning that engages and educates not just the children but also the Teachers, Parents, and Families.


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Baux Publishing introduces a new innovative Parental Involvement Program that meets Title I, Part A funding requirements
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Special Education students in Colorado show an 80% gain in basic learning skills after using the Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals curriculum.

Baux Publishing releases Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals - Interactive Business Edition for web delivered employee and family Health & Wellness initiatives.
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$ Health for Wealth $
Raise funds for your School while attacking the childhood obesity and the diabetes epidemic
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Baux Publishing releases Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals interactive whiteboard edition for classroom instruction and web delivery for the following grades:

Grade 1 - 8
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