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Our Challenge ...

The United States is faced with an ever increasing child Diabetes and Obesity epidemic!

American children are fat and getting fatter! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) research shows that from the late 70's to today the rate of childhood obesity for children ages 6 - 11 has grown from below 7% to over 13%, with even higher rates among teens. Black and Hispanic children are even at greater risk. The National obesity trends are frightening! Observe the staggering trends below:

- 10 states had a prevalence of obesity <10%
- No states had prevalence > than 15%

- No state had prevalence <10%
- Seven states had a prevalence between 20-24%
- No state had prevalence > 25%

- Only 4 states had a prevalence < 20%
- 22 states had a prevalence > 25%
- Mississippi and West Virginia were > than 30%.

Overweight children tend to have diets dominated by 'Junk Food' (fatty fast foods and sugary snacks), rarely play outside, and spend countless hours watching TV and playing video games.

This generation of children is not expected, for the first time in history, to outlive their parents!

The Economic Imperative ...

Over 80% of obese children will become obese adults. Statistics have shown that obese adults cost this country over $11B annually in health costs, lost productivity, and related expenses. These numbers will skyrocket as todays obese generation become tomorrows obese adults.

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care" ...

Academic research has proven that there is a connection between the mind and the body. Students that have a healthy lifestyle perform better in school.

Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals addresses these issues in an all inclusive educational program. The workbook series is a fresh, innovative, engaging, and non-punitive approach that introduces children to all aspects of a healthy life style. It is an early intervention and wellness program specifically designed to help children ages 7 - 13 reach their nutrition and wellness goals. Our research has shown that children have random concepts about health, exercise, and wellness. Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals teaches children the inter-relationship between their body systems, food groups - including 'Junk Food', exercise, metabolism, and sleep & relaxation in a fun engaging manner.

The Nutrition Ambition activity workbook series is the only comprehensive and organized nutrition and wellness curriculum available for parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and children today. Each topic area has 4 to 5 pages of concept information followed by numerous fun cross-curricular activities that allow the child to apply the knowledge they have just achieved in a fun and engaging manner.

The 9 'Wellness Topics' covered in this series include:

  • Food Groups
  • Nutrients
  • The Human Body
  • Junk Food
  • Importance of Water and Oxygen
  • Metabolism
  • Exercise
  • Sleep and Relaxation
  • Emotions

The activity workbooks are bi-lingual with both English and Spanish versions. They also contain an interactive CD 'Finding the Balance', developed by the Duke University Center for Wellness, that teaches children the relationship between the common foods they eat and the amount of exercise required to balance the calories. Included with each book is also an optional series of pre-/post- assessments which can be used to track the childs progress if desired.

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Book 1
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Nutritional & Wellness instructional materials and activities for ages
7 - 8

Book 2
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Nutritional & Wellness instructional materials and activities for ages
9 - 10

Book 3
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Nutritional & Wellness instructional materials and activities for ages
10 - 13

Nutrition Ambition Interactive
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Finding The Balance

Developed by
Duke University's
Center for Wellness
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