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State and local School Districts, as well as Society in general, are faced with an ever increasing child Obesity and Diabetes epidemic! This epidemic can be traced directly to the ever increasing trend of child obesity. The number of overweight children between the ages of 6 - 11 has more than doubled since 1980 and for teens that rate has tripled. Additionally, Hispanics and African Americans are twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes!

Baux Publishing, with it's proven passion for children and education, was founded on the premise to focus on thre key educational initiatives: 1) the development of a curriculum that directly aligns with the ever increasing State and Federal mandates (WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004) that require public schools to provide increased amounts of physical activity and health & wellness instruction; 2) the development of a health and wellness curriculum that engages children BOTH mentally and physically; and 3) the development of a supplemental curriculum that is not just classroom centric but also extends the boundaries of health and wellness instruction to the home (family) and address Section 1118 of NCLB for increased parental involvement by focusing on four key elements:

  • Building School-to-Home and Home-to-School Involvement
  • Providing materials and training to help parents to work with their children regarding health and wellness
  • Professional development support for teachers on how to communicate with parents, and build ties between parents and the school
  • Providing sound, standards-based, cross-curricular content to teachers and parents to help improve student achievement

Baux Publishing's founders, principals, executive management team, and advisors have well over a combined 200 years of experience successfully developing and distribution K-12 centric core comprehensive curriculum, as well as supplemental curriculum producst and services, to 'At Risk' students. These products and services focused not just on print offerings but also bridged the gap to address OnLine and Internet deployment options. Their new initiative contained within the 'Nutrition Ambition - Health and Wellness Series' expands the focus for 'At Risk' students to not just address intellectual concerns but also health, emotional, and physical concerns!

Executive Management Team:

Dianne Bean - CEO of Baux Publishing LLC has been in the business of providing Supplemental Educational Materials to schools, districts, and states for 25 years. As an executive and top achiever of well known educational publishers such as Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Pearson, Modern Curriculum Press, and Compass Learning, she is known throughout the industry for providing high quality, researched-based materials and top customer service. Concerned with what was observed in schools as it related to children's declining health and increasing obesity; and in response to the 2004 WIC and Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act she combined her experience in the supplemental curriculum materials market and her years of health research to join Baux Publishing LLC in 2004.

Jim Dougherty - Chief Operating Officer of Baux Publishing LLC is responsible for all strategic direction, development distribution, and support activities. Previously, as the Vice President and GM for NetSchools, iMind Education, and Computer Curriculum Corporation he had executive level responsibility for the rapid movement and market success of these companies in the development, publishing, and delivery of their K-12 'School-to-Home' Learning and Core Comprehensive Curriculum initiatives. Jim has over 25 years experience working in content development and publishing, working for key content development companies such as: Computer Curriculum Corporation, Pearson Education, Simon & Schuster, Parmount, Plato Learning, and Viacom Corporations.

Chuck Friedman - Marketing, Business, and Content Development As a former executive producer of National Geographic Television, Chuck is world renoun for his creativy and expertise in developing new instructional concepts in addition to problem solving, content design, and publishing. Mr. Friedman has worked as a video producer/director for a long list of companies and governmental agencies that include: the United States Army and Navy, the State of Florida, U.S.D.A., St. John's University, Duke University, Drug Free America, and the United Way. Mr. Friedman has a proven track record of success for developing effective multimedia instruction and training programs. At Baux Publishing, Chuck is responsible for providing all marketing, messaging, creativity, and media directions. Mr. Friedman's staff consists of creative and innovative program designers, animators, graphic designers, and artists.

Vanessa Hakes - Graphic Design and Layout is responsible for all content and graphics production at Baux Publishing. She has a BS in Digital Arts and Design and has developed content for K-12 Education media, the YMCA, and various sports and entertainment enterprises.


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