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School Safety, Anti-crime,
& Decision Making

Bullying in schools is a growing national problem that can have negative consequences for the general school climate and for the right of students to learn in a safe environment without fear. Bullying can also have negative lifelong consequences--both for students who bully and for their victims.

Bullying is comprised of direct behaviors such as teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, and stealing that are initiated by one or more students against a victim. In addition to direct attacks, bullying may also be more indirect by causing a student to be socially isolated through intentional exclusion.

Students who engage in bullying behaviors seem to have a need to feel powerful and in control. They appear to derive satisfaction from inflicting injury and suffering on others, seem to have little empathy for their victims, and often defend their actions by saying that their victims provoked them in some way.

Students who are victims of bullying are typically anxious, insecure, cautious, and suffer from low self-esteem, rarely defending themselves or retaliating when confronted by students who bully them. They may lack social skills and friends, and they are often socially isolated.

Intervention Programs

Baux Publishing provides a series of Intervention and Decision Making Programs in an interactive online computer-based experience specifically developed to address the increasing national epidemic of bullying, school crime, dating violence, and sexual harrasment.

These programs provide the Teachers with the ability to engage students at the class level to develop class rules against bullying. They are also designed to engage students in a series of formal role-playing exercises and related assignments that can teach those students directly involved in bullying alternative methods of interaction. These programs can also show other students how they can assist victims and how everyone can work together to create a school climate where bullying is not tolerated

All the programs are peer-based and provide and student-centric interactive experience that targets decision making and leadership skills. There are currently 11 modules that address:

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Extreme Measures
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Problem Gambling
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Retail Theft
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Sexual Harassment
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Sex & Dating Violence
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Stop & Think
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Teens 4 Teens
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- Bully-proofing Your Environment
- Extreme Measures - Anti-gang Education
- Consequences - Decision Making
- Preventing Sexual Harrasment
- Stop and Think - Tough Decision Making Skills
- Leadership
- Preventing Sexual & Dating Violence
- Teens for Teens - Focus on Abstinence
- Attention Deficit Disorder - Coaching Strategies
- Preventing Problem Gambling in Adolescents
- Retail Theft
- Consequences


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