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September 2010
Baux Publishing announces the release of their 'Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals' Take Home program. This innovative program can be used in the classroom, where Teachers can use the interactive whiteboard edition for classroom instruction and/or to set the tone for the activities that the children will do at home with their parents using the workbooks. The standards aligned, cross-curricular activities plus the family goal setting activity at the end of each chapter provides the opportunity to: engage the family, improve their Nutrition & Wellness knowledge, Learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, while students improve their basic Reading/language Arts, Writing, Math, and Science skills. The program qualifies for Title I funding and can be used as a classroom-to-home or home only Parental Invlovement program.
(Please Click Here to Download Brochure)

July 2010
Baux Publishing will be promoting their new innovative $$ Health for Wealth $$ fund raising program, as well as all their products and services, at the upcoming Florida PTA Leadership Conference on July 15th throught the 17th at the Innsbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Haror, FL. Please stop by our booth to meet us and discuss our products and promotions.

June 2010
Baux Publishing will be promoting their new innovative $$ Health for Wealth $$ fund raising program, as well as all their products and services, at the upcoming Georgia PTA convention on June 25th and 26th. Please stop by Booth 120 to meet us and discuss our products and promotions.

May 2010
Baux Publishing launches their innovative $$ Health for Wealth $$ school and/or parent organization fundraising promotion at the National PTA conference in Memphis, TN. Baux Publishing has offered to work with schools and/or Parent Organizations throughout the Country encouraging them to take a positive stance against Childhood Obesity by offering their Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals nutrition and wellness curricular materials as an alternative to traditional 'Junk Food' (cookies, candies, pizza, etc.) fund raisers. Once the school and/or Parent Organizations will registers with Baux Publishing, Baux Publishing will donate 15% - 20% of the proceeds from all sales back to the School and/or Parent Organization. The program is 'turn key' and does not require any administration from the School or Parent Organization - just promotion. No event, no 'door to door' selling, no inventory management, no money management and collection. Since the program is 'turn key' and administered by Baux Publishing, the program can run the entire duration of the School year. Please click her to download a Brochure.

April 2010
Baux Publishing release it's third Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals for both classrooms and the home. The book follows the same format as the previous offerings but targets children Ages 7 - 8. All the content, activities, graphics have been adjusted to meet the comprehension and engagements needs of this age group. This series has also been added to the Nutrition Ambition Interactive Edition that has been designed for web and Interactive White Board delivery

March 2010
Baux Publishing announces the release of it's Nutrition Ambition Interactive Edition for business. This innovative program has been designed to work in partnership with businesses and corporations as an integral component of the internal 'Health & Wellness' campaigns. The NA Interactive Edition is deployed to all employees through a portal or link of the companies web server. Employees can access the materials from home for use with their familes. For more details and pricing information please contact:

February 2010
Baux Publishing announces the release it's Nutrition Ambition Interactive Edition. This edition of Baux Publishing's award winning materials has taken all the content from it's Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals nutrition & wellness series and repackaged it in 'Flash' for delivery via the web or for Teacher-led whole group instruction in the classroom. The Interactive Edition is licensed on a school site (campus) basis and comes with 12 Teacher Guides. For more details and pricing information please contact:

Baux Publishing
In recognition of the childhood obesity epidemic in Mississippi , the 2007 Mississippi Legislature became the first state in the Country to pass the MS Healthy Students Act to require public schools to provide increased amounts of physical activity an d health education instruction for K-12 students. The Act mandates 45 minutes per week of health education instruction in Grades K-8. In an effort to assist school districts in complying with the Act, MDE has selected Baux Publishing and there Nutrition Ambition "Reaching Your Wellness Goals" as an approved supplemental resource for districts to utilize to ensure consistency and effectiveness of health and wellness instruction within the state. These supplemental resources, (as is the case with Nutrition Ambition "Reaching Your Wellness Goals") must include components to guide children to develop the skills and knowledge needed to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle and be aligned to meet the state standards for Health Education.

Study Links Television Viewing to Weight Gain, Hypertension Among Children
A study to be published in the December issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests that television viewing may lead to weight gain and high blood pressure among children, Reuters reports.

Kansas Researcher Studying Potential of School Garden Program to Curb Childhood Obesity
A Kansas State University professor has launched a study to determine whether an educational gardening program can improve eating habits and reduce obesity among elementary school children, the Lawrence Journal-World reports.

Massachusetts Parks Department Plans Extensive Trail Expansion
The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) recently unveiled an $82 million proposal to construct more than 100 miles of interconnected bicycle and walking trails throughout the state, the Boston Globe reports.

California Community Revamps Parks to Encourage Physical Activity
City officials in Richmond , Calif. , are forging community partnerships to revitalize parks and increase residents' access to healthy, safe environments, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Study Finds Obese Children Display Early Signs of Heart Disease
A study published in the winter issue of the Journal of Cardiometabolic Syndrome suggests that obese children display early signs of heart disease similar to those exhibited by obese adults with heart disease, United Press International reports.

CDC Study Suggests More Work Needed to Improve Wellness Policies in U.S. Schools
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday released a study suggesting that, although most U.S. schools have made "considerable improvements" in student wellness policies, more work remains, Reuters reports.

Healthy Recipe Substitutions Help Children Consume Fewer Calories, Study Finds
A study presented on Monday at the annual meeting of the Obesity Society, an organization dedicated to addressing obesity, suggests that simple recipe and meal substitutions can help reduce children's daily caloric intake, USA Today reports.

Critics Suggest Anti-Obesity Ad Campaign is Too Tame
An advertising campaign designed to warn Americans about the effects of obesity has drawn criticism from several public health groups that contend that the ads approach their mission too lightly, the Associated Press reports.

Report Shows Lack of PE in Most Georgia Schools, Urges Communities to Promote Physical Activity
A Georgia study on youth fitness released last Friday indicates that nearly half of the state's children do not get enough physical activity, a finding that is expected to prompt a greater investment in youth wellness programs, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.


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