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"The books brought back pressure free teaching and learning. The kids knew they were learning things that were important to them that they were not going to be tested on. They enjoyed learning something just because it was something they wanted to learn and did not have to learn."

"The grocery store activities were very good. Some kids told us that they had never been to the grocery store before. These activities got them to the store."

"I used the Teacher led activities in our PE class every 7th day. I met with the classroom teachers to see where they were and did the coordinating activity. The kids were very engaged and liked the games as well. We also had a lof of good discussions as well."

"The students were very intrested in the subject. The curriculum created many discussions with the kids."

"The kids started getting the connection between the chapter topics. They started to understand how all these health topics are independent and how Nutrition relates to them all. That is not enough just to do one thing right for good health. They began to think about all the aspects of Nutrition and Health."

"I used all the tests for 'pre and post' testing. I found that after the first 3 or 4 chapters the pre-test scores started going up. I think it was because they started getting it and started thinking about Nutrition and Health."

"Due to the way the books were set up, I found activities that I could fit in in just 10 - 20 minutes. On the days that we did the text part of the workbooks, the kids were so interested, that I could spend a whole period on the topic if I wanted to or had the time."

"My test and assignment report showed a lot of gains with my students, the curriculum works!"

"The kids enjoyed talking to me about their personal goals."

My kids really enjoyed many of the exercises in the book. In particular, my kids were very interested in Cartoon Time, Word Scrabble, Game Show and Commercial Break, which ended up turning into a group project."

"We found the goal setting was hard for the kids but it was excellent for them. They need to learn how to set up and monitor goals. It also created discussions with their families. We are going to use the goal setting in our writing lessons next year.


"Dianne Bean really hits the target with these new offerings. The book Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals, were not only fun, engaging, and educational for the kids but also were very informational for the family. My kids found the Chapter on Junk Food and Supersizing particularly enlightening. The included gaming CD 'Finding the Balance' gave the whole family a new appreciation for the amount of exercise required to 'burn off' everyday food items. The chapter-based cross-curricular activities - Reading / Language Arts, Math, Science, and Health were a very clever and fun way to reinforce the childs school skills. I would highly recommend this book to all parents looking for fun ways to educate their children about the benefits of a proper eating and a healthy lifestyle."

"As a parent and an educator all I can say is it's about time someone developed a series of books designed to help parents work with their own children to discuss and build healthy nutritional skills.

This series of workbooks on children's health is as informative as it is timely. Let's face it we are experiencing a real crisis in the health of all Americans not just children.

We seem to always rely on the school systems - public and private - to teach our children everything they need to know. This is especially difficult in the area of becoming a healthy person. When good eating and exercise habits are taught in school they must be transferred to the home where they are actually practiced. This transversal of knowledge is not easy and in many cases does not occur.

This series of books enables parents to work with their children learning healthy habits and then put them in place in the home where they need to be followed if they are to be successfully implemented.

Every parent should consider buying these books, sitting down at home with their children and changing their lives for the better forever. In the process I am sure that many parents will also learn more healthy nutritional habits to put into practice in their lives.

BTW - It's great to know that the books are available in Spanish as well as English."

"Although an inordinate amount of today's youth are obese, addicted to junk food, and inactive, public schools continue to ignore the issue by selling out to corporations in the lunchrooms and fund raising programs thus contributing to the decline of health and strength in America's youth. This book, and health education, should be a part of every public school's required curriculum."

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