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The Challenge ...

School Districts, Local Governments, and Communities throughout the United States are being faced with an ever increasing epidemic of bullying, cyberbullying, and harrasment during education programs

"Prevention, Prevention, Prevention" ...

Bullying is one of the most challenging problems in schools today and is a reality in the lives of many children--whether they are bullies, victims, or witnesses. Victims of bullying often fear school and consider school to be an unsafe and unhappy place. As many as 7% of America's eighth-graders stay home at least once a month because of bullies.

It has been proven through research that effective schools invest in systems, programs, and strategies that prevent behavior problems rather than relying on compelling consequences to deter problem behavior.


Baux Publishing's Anti-Bullying, Anti-Crime, and Decsion Making series titled "Stop Think Decide" provides an interactive curriculum-based approach that presents actual video scenarios from a student's point of view in which students must choose responses to particular problems and issues / situations that are real world, and are faced throughout the developmental phases of their lives. These curriculums introduce a fresh and new technique trademarked 'Motivational Interviewing'. This research based approach is a non-threatening, non-confrontational technique which encourages students to engage and reveal information that they normally would repress. In addition these curriculums contain research and data that are skill building tools for teachers, counselors, and facilitators as well as the students. Each scenario choosen allows the viewer / user to witness first-hand the consequences of his or her decision.

Each interactive program in the series contains an embedded interactive assessment and evaluation procedure whereby youngsters answers key questions to determine for themselves and the teacher their positive growth and development.

These peer-based proven programs have been specifically designed and co-developed with Universities, as well as Federal and State agencies to provide students with the values, identification skills, decision making skills, as well as the ramifications associated with right and wrong decisions.

Student Outcomes

The programs examine the realities of bullying and teach appropriate measures for controlling peer-to-peer conflict.

The programs examine the realities of bullying and teach appropriate measures for controlling peer-to-peer conflict.

Let's students understand the consequences of their decisons

Educates students as to the characteristics of bullying and harrasment and how to prevent it from happening.

Leadership and decision making skills

Various strategies that can be adopted by students, school officials, teachers, parents, and bullies themselves to put an end to not just bulling - but the enviroment for bullying

A proven, researched-based program that is all inclusive and makes delivery of instruction and awareness easy for teachers


These programs were produced as an initiative through Harvard University and the department of Justice in cooperation with the following agencies: US Department of Justice; Federal Bureau of Investigation; US Secret Service; US Bureau of Firearms, Alcohol, and Tobacco; US Treasury Department; Texas Govenor's Task Force on Violence; Florida Department of education; Georgia Department of Education; and Harvard, Emory, Duke, Florida State, and Florida International Universities.


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