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The Nutrition Ambition: Reaching Your Wellness Goals Interactive Business Edition is a browser-based deployment that provides all the information contained in activity workbooks 1, 2, and 3; but renders them digitally for deployment on corporate web servers and or the Internet.

(Licensed Users can click here for online access)

Presentation and navigation has been enhanced with 'page curl' functionality, colorful graphics, and the ability to jump between units by means of buttons on the top of each screen. An interactive glossary feature allows users to 'look up' vocabulary words while in the middle of an activity. Additionally, Employees have the ability to print out activities for family involvement activities by simply 'clicking' on the print icon at the top of each page. Just as with our Workbook editions, our interactive web curriculums are availbale in both English and Spanish.

The program is designed for corporations as a key component of their employee 'Health and Wellness programs. The web-delivered content offers employees and their families the same fun, engaging, standards aligned, cross-curricular materials found in our workbooks. Children, Families, and Employees can learn about topics such as: Supersizing, Junk Food, Fruits and Vegetables, Water Intake, Sugar Intake, The Role of Sleep, Emotions, and Skipping Breakfast, and to better understand the inter-relationship between: Food, Their Bodies and Body Systems, Nutrition, Metabolism, Exercise, and Health & Wellness.

The series is a complete packaged curriculum offering, not just a collection of resources. It was designed and developed based on scientific research and presented in an age appropriate format based on researcher, parent, and child input.

The optional activity workbooks are also an excellent resource where children can reinforce their basic Reading/Language Arts, Math, and Science skills while learning about a healthy life style. Additionally, each workbook comes with a CD, 'Finding The Balance', providing supporting game based activities to enhance content. The CD was developed by Duke University's Center for Wellness and may be used at school or in the home/family setting (or both).

In addition, each of the 9 topics (Human Body, Food Groups, Nutrients, Junk Food & Supersizing, Water and Oxygen, Metabolism, Exercise, Sleep, and Feelings) includes Goal-setting for the parent/child and their caregivers, as well as parental involvement activities and 'pre and post' assessments.

While the work books are real curricula, they use a fun, informal approach to engage the children in learning. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and to make healthy decisions. All Health topics tie back to Nutrition so families and children start to realize that Nutrition is not a stand alone topic and that it affects all aspects of their lives.

Learner Outcomes

  • Educates children and families of the dangers of Childhood obesity
  • Employee and Family developed a Personalized Nutrition Plans (PNP's)
  • Helps improve Family health and boost Healthy Lifestyle knowledge
  • Children study specifics about what they need according to their age, gender, and activity level
  • Makes learning about Nutrition and the benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle fun!
  • All inclusive program makes delivery of instruction easy for parents
  • The optional workbook becomes the employees personal diary of their nutrition and health goals

Curricular Components

  • Interactive Instructional materials designed to teach nutrition, wellness, and the benefits of a Healthy lifestyle.
  • Finding the Balance intractive Nutrition simulation developed with the Duke University Center for Wellness, teaches students to balance what they eat with appropriate exercise
  • Cross-curricular activities are tied to National Standards for Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Health
  • Program provides extensive list of electronic resources and suggested reading for employee and family use

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